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Japanese Language Course

IBS Inter Culture provides Japanese language classes that are custom made to suit the individual needs and levels of each student. All of our instructors are certified and have a command of French and English. Lessons will focus not only on language but also on Japanese culture and values with the aim to assist students in better understanding Japan. Moreover, a significantly high percentage of our students pass the semi-annual Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) every year.

Experiencing Japanese Culture

While studying language, students also have opportunities to experience Japanese everyday life and culture. Outings include walks around the neighborhood, visits to local supermarkets, and practicing conversations at the post office and drug stores. There are also optional introductory tea ceremony, ceramics, flower arrangement, and other classes available to those who are interested in experiencing more Japanese traditional culture.

Interacting with Japanese People

Students who possess special talents in cooking, crafts, or various arts may want to teach Japanese students. We provide opportunities for foreigners interested in Japan to interact with Japanese people interested in other cultures.


Courses 1 class 10classes / trimester 20classes / trimester
Private Course 90 minutes 77,000 yens
(7,700 yens X 10)
149,600 yens
(7,480 yens X 20)
60 minutes 55,000 yens
(5,500 yens X 10)
106,700 yens
(5,335 yens X 20)
Group Course
90 minutes 44,000 yens
(4,400 yens X 10)
85,800 yens
(4,290 yens X 20)
60 minutes 35,200 yens
(3,520 yens X 10)
68,200 yens
(3,410 yens X 20)
Group Course
(3 or more people)
90 minutes 37,400 yens
(3,740 yens X 10)
72,600 yens
(3,630 yens X 20)
60 minutes 30,800 yens
(3,080 yens X 10)
59,400 yens
(2,970 yens X 20)
private lesson
60 minutes 44,000 yens
(4,400 yens X 10)
  • - The consumption tax is included in the tuition.
  • - Course materials are sold separately.
  • - Refunds are unaccepted.
  • - All tuition is to be paid prior to the first lesson, in a single payment. This tuition is valid for one year from the first lesson taken.
  • - Private lesson cancellations are accepted no later than 5:00 pm the day before.
  • - Group lesson cancellations are accepted only with consent of the entire group, no later than 5:00 pm the day before.
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